Industry laughs at Overwatch, pointing out Valorant rolled out the same features in months, not years

Industry laughs at Overwatch, pointing out Valorant rolled out the same features in months, not years

During the development of Valorant, Overwatch got a bit hit.

It seemed that Valorant would no longer be compared to the Overwatch in any way. Meanwhile, people closely related to the gaming industry still refer to Blizzard’s production when Valorant is developed.

Mainly because some functions are very similar. Especially the TOP 500, which will be introduced to Valorant with the upcoming Act 3.

Valorant vs Valorant

After yesterday’s Riot announcements, there are quite a few voices online that Riot did in a few months what Blizzard took several years. Of course it’s a completely different situation, different engine limitations etc. Still, such a picture is not very happy for the OW community:

Valorant vs Valorant

This shows that Blizzard needs to speed up with features and spend them much faster. From the comments on Twitter and Reddit, you can read that the creators of Overwatch do not really understand that we are already in 2020 and no one will wait a few years for more news.

Top 500

Of course, that doesn’t mean Valorant is being developed incredibly fast. There, too, players complain about the lack of major changes, apart from just patches. Riot, however, communicated at the beginning that he wanted to create a strong foundation in terms of balance, and then be able to deal with other issues.

It looks like the balance has already been found with the competitive mode going through such major changes as queue alignment, preferred servers, top-only changes, and additional rewards for performance.

And Overwatch? Overwatch does receive various functions and improvements, but very slowly. Only after a few years are things introduced that, according to many people, should be added around the premiere.

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