In the series She-Hulk we will learn about Bruce Banner’s past

In the series She-Hulk we will learn about Bruce Banner's past

Marvel auditioned for the role of young Bruce Banner, who will make his debut on the series She-Hulk.

After months of rumors, the name of the lead actor in the series She-Hulk was finally announced in mid-September The production, which will tell about Bruce Banner’s lawyer and cousin, received more interesting information. Marvel is looking for a young actor of around 10 to play Banner. Casting indicates that the series will feature a children’s version of a well-known character.

This means that She-Hulk will feature flashback scenes from Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner when they were still children. We know practically nothing about the childhood of Avengers members, so the creators have a lot of room to show off in an interesting way how growing up influenced the later character and decisions made by Hulk. The more so because the series can use a comic book plot, in which Banner from an early age had to deal with an aggressive father.

Shooting for the series is scheduled to begin this year. Kat Coiro will direct most episodes of the series. The creator of the series is Jessica Gao, who has worked on such productions as Rick and Morty and Silicon Valley. The premiere date of the series on Disney + is not yet known.

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