How will the makers of Among Us fight cheaters? Antycheat, Ticket System and more

How will the makers of Among Us fight cheaters Antycheat, Ticket System and more

Among Us is no exception when it comes to the presence of cheaters. Here, too, a lot of people are simply cheating.

Cheating in Among Us can be called prompting each other, but that’s not the biggest problem. Real cheaters are able to effectively spoil the game by eliminating everyone without moving, see who is impostor, or change people’s nicknames.

Developers have responded to community concerns, and we know they will definitely be making changes to the topic of anti-cheat and submissions.

How will the creators fight cheaters?

Cheaters are slowly becoming as annoying as in Fall Guys, for example. Playing on public servers is getting more and more annoying. The most frequently used cheats are:

  • Remote liquidation
  • Speedhack
  • Changing nicks

How will the creators fight cheaters

  • Crashing the game
  • Watching who is the impostor

And there are many more such forms of cheating. You can walk through walls, impersonate others and do almost anything you can think of.

Developers know this very well and, as we read in their statements, specific changes are already planned in this topic.

We are in a hurry to add an appropriate ticket and moderation system. Additionally, we are developing the issue of detecting and blocking cheats on the server side, but also on the client side.

Unfortunately, no specific dates or names of any software that will be used are given. There is a good chance that Among Us will be protected by the same anti-cheat as Fortnite, but so far it’s just rumors.

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