How to improve your athleticism in BitLife

How to improve your athleticism in BitLife

If you jump into BitLife’s new sports update, you are undoubtedly trying to take over from a professional athlete. There are several sports to try, including professional football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey. ! Although they are not official leagues, they certainly look a lot like them. As is the case in real life, entering the life of an athlete is quite difficult, and in BitLife, you will need to have elite athletics! Fortunately, there are ways to energize yourself so that you can step into a professional sports life!

How to increase your athletic ability

To gain athleticism in BitLife, you will need to exercise as a young Bitizen. The possibility of training will open at age 8 in the form of martial arts and walking. Do them at least once a year, and when you take a walk, take a brisk walk for 2 hours. At 12 years old, you will open up the possibility of going to the gymnasium. Make sure you do this as soon as it’s available. Doing all of these things should dramatically improve your athleticism and you should have no problem joining the sport of your choice!

How to improve your athleticism in BitLife

You can now join your college team if you want to, but that shouldn’t really make a difference. High school and college are the most important times to join a professional team. So get old until then and be part of the sport team you would like to play. Once you graduate from high school, you can choose to try for a team, or you can head to college. If you have particularly high athleticism, you can just go from high school to the pros. However, sometimes it can be easier to go to college and have a team write up.

Once you’re in the big moments, you’ll need to make sure you practice each of your skills to make your player as good as possible! You will get a bump in each stat if you practice them once a year. You shouldn’t need to do more than that, because as far as I know you don’t get additional stats for doing them multiple times a year. Also make sure you’re getting your general conditioning to the max by doing some balance and weight training!

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