Genshin Impact: Where to find Wolfhook?

Genshin Impact Where to find Wolfhook

Genshin Impact is a free title for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re on PC, PS4, or mobile , with a Nintendo Switch version in the works! The game uses a gacha system where players can use a different amount of different currencies for the chance to get something incredibly rare. However, the journey on how to get the currency to make wishes is what makes Genshin Impact so interesting. There is so much to do in the game; it’s so addicting, that you either just explore murder and all that is in sight, or aim to reach adventure rank 60 before the next region comes in update 1.1.

Materials are an important part of Genshin Impact, so words to the wise, pick up whatever is in sight and then some because you never know what will be needed in the future. Plus, with a 30,000 weight limit, we don’t think you’ll run out of space anytime soon! One of those items used for character climbs is the Wolfhook, so where can you find them?


Genshin Impact Where to find Wolfhook

The Wolfhook can only be found in the wild and in one location, and that area is Wolvendom; however, they are spread across the region and are not gathered into a massive group. The Wolvendom region lies northwest of Springvale and southwest of Mondstadt. You can purchase a limited amount from the wandering NPC (non-player character) called Chloris, located in the Windrise area. The Wolfhook costs 1000 Mora per item, and she has a stock of 5, which will reset in about 3 days.

Genshin Impact Where to find Wolfhook

The Wolfhook is also required for a character’s Ascension, that character being Razor. To upgrade it to max Ascension level, you need a whopping 168 in total. But at least the Wolfhook is in the same area, so no need to explore the entire Mondstadt area to pick them up!

Once you get your Battle Pass, you can do it at the same time to collect 100 weekly Mondstadt local specialty missions, because Wolfhook is one of Mondstradt’s specialties!

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