Genshin Impact: where to find Valberry

Genshin Impact where to find Valberry

Killing monsters isn’t the only thing to do in Genshin Impact; there is also a huge world to explore and an assortment of items to find. When traveling, I would seriously recommend that you pick up whatever you come across as the weight limit is not an issue like many RPGs as you have 30,000 items capacity, which It’s incredible!

The reason I recommend picking it all up is because you don’t know if this item will be needed in the future, whether for the kitchen or for ascendant characters and items. Or maybe it’s completing the weekly mission in the Battle Pass too much, where you have to collect 100 local Mondstadt specialties! One of those specialties is Valberry, so where can you find them?


Genshin Impact where to find Valberry

Valberry can only be found in the wild in two areas, the Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point. Stormbearer Mountains is located north of where the Statue of the Seven is in Starfell, and Stormbear Point is north of Starsnatch Cliff, north of the Temple of the Thousand Winds. However, these are spread across both areas, so a lot of exploration is needed to locate them! There is a second way to acquire them, as you can try to locate the wandering NPC (non-player character) called Chloris, who is around the area called Windrise, who sells Valberry for 1000 Mora but has a limit of 5, which resets approximately every 3 days.

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