Genshin Impact: Puzzle secret de Luhua Pool

Genshin Impact Puzzle secret de Luhua Pool

You’ve no doubt heard of Genshin Impact, the open world action RPG that took the world by storm, or you’re playing it right now because it’s pretty addicting! With a gigantic world to explore, beasts to kill, materials to shred, there’s something for everyone. There are also a lot of puzzles to be solved in Genshin Impact, whether it’s killing certain enemies, lighting the fire, following things, you name it, that’s probably understood! One puzzle which bothers players in particular is the secret Luhua Pool puzzle, how to solve it?

Once you’ve done just about everything in the Mondstadt area, a lush new area known as Liyue is the next stop. Most players will undoubtedly have explored this location long before you did! On your way to Liyue Port, you might come across Luhua Pool; this pool holds a secret, because there is a platform in the center of it surrounded by a magical barrier.

Genshin Impact Puzzle secret de Luhua Pool

The fastest way to get there is to quickly go to the unlocked Statue of the Seven south of the Qiongi Plains. From there you want to head northwest until you reach a body of water; from the water, if you look and head west you should see the Luhua Pool platform. Either cross the southern part of the water until you are close enough to slide, or you can try swimming! You should see a series of fire pedestals on the platform, but all of them are locked behind their individual barriers.

Once you’re there, interact with the runic marker, but if you can’t interact with it, the Guili Plains Central Ruins questline must first be completed. Now once you activate the marker, the following words will appear on your screen.

Let whoever follows in the footsteps of the immortals bow down to the door of the treasury.

Although it is quite mysterious, the answer is quite simple. When you start to turn on the pedestals at random, once the 4th pedestal is on, they will all be turned off. The secret is to light only the pedestals that still have a pillar behind them, simple! Once you’ve turned on all three of these bases, you’ll have access to the domain below.

Now, even though you can unlock this area, it cannot be entered until you reach Adventure Rank 30, with a recommended party level of 60. This means that you will need to level up your characters several times before being able to enter and complete this difficult area!

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