CSGO just died? Created undetectable cheats that stuck to the motherboard

CSGO just died Created undetectable cheats that stuck to the motherboard

Valve currently has problems with the simplest software that could not be run in Fortnite, Valorant, or even Fall Guys.

CS: GO protects a very basic anti-cheat that may soon become completely useless. There are completely new devices on the market that are completely undetectable for the current anticheat.

Mainly because it is about cheats operating on the level of “hardware”, and not “software”. Why is it so harmful? The device itself is plugged into the motherboard and reads information directly from the frame (and the opponent’s position is stored in the frame). There is an additional device between the mouse and the computer that changes the position of the mouse based on the data downloaded from the frame.

Until now, all programs were connected to USB and operated at the software level.


The first such cheats in the world and are already causing great concern

Youtuber nicknamed “Sparkles” shows how the first hardware cheat works and looks like. It is a small device connected to a computer that CS: GO cannot detect in any way. And although it is an alpha version, it is already it works.

Looks complicated? Absolutely, because it is also the same in its first version. This device is difficult to connect without any problems, but when it is successful it works without any problems.

The creator mentions that it is practically impossible to detect because it is plugged into the motherboard directly, and while in stationary tournaments it will be possible to find out that someone is plugging something into the computer, it is not at all in online games.

Now everything is in the hands of the creator of this device. Will he want to sell it globally or can he keep it only for himself and for his experiments. If the market is flooded with something like this, online tournaments may cease to exist altogether. The only safeguard will then be to track player movements on replays.

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