After 25 years, the function of the X and O keys on the PlayStation 5 is reversed (but only in Japan)

After 25 years, the function of the X and O keys on the PlayStation 5 is reversed (but only in Japan)

Maybe not everyone is familiar with this detail of PlayStation history. Unlike in the West, where generally the X button is used to confirm selections in video games and to cancel the O button, in Japan the functions of the two buttons are reversed . On the other hand, the symbols should represent this: a circle to confirm and a cross to cancel. In Japan, all the video games released so far have used this scheme, unlike in the West (including Italy) where the function of the two keys is reversed. With PlayStation 5, however, that difference will no longer exist and the Asian country will adapt to the Western configuration.

This is a historic movement for the video game industry, so much so that not all Japanese take the news well. This is confirmed by the first Japanese users – journalists and influencers – who recently got their hands on the new Sony console , finding themselves in front of the inverted keys. After 25 years , therefore, even Japan surrenders to the inverted meaning of the two keys, ending a division that has lasted since the birth of the PlayStation brand. The first few moments, however, will be quite confusing in Japan, as apparently on the software side, video games still show the previous definitions of X and O, at odds with the pressure on the hardware side.

“This is great news for the user experience,” wrote a reporter from Famitsu newspaper, the first to reveal the news. “A great frustration with muscle memory affects nearly 10 million Japanese users. »On the other hand, the choice to insert the two keys in these positions and with this meaning derives not only from the symbolism of the two images, but also from the fact that in the Super Famicom the two keys A and B were positioned more or less like that and had these functions. In short, a habit deeply rooted in the minds (and muscles) of players that will now have to change.

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