6 things Valve can do today to improve CSGO without “too much work.”

6 things Valve can do today to improve CSGO without too much work.

Several things developers can do to make CSGO a bit better.

The developers don’t seem to like working on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as they rarely introduce more meaningful news, such as operations. For this reason, the community has prepared a few issues that can be easily fixed – without straining the developers – and at the same time making the production better.

Problems that developers can fix very easily

The first problem that was mentioned by the Counter-Strike community was the reduction in the volume of the headshot sound. Even if we lower the audio volume, the sound when our character “hits” in the head is even tiring.

Another idea is to add all weapons to the store so that you don’t have to choose between the M4A4 and the M4A1-S, TEC-9 and CZ75-Auto or the MP5 and MP7.

It’s practically impossible to unlock all service medals in a given year, so it would also be worth lowering the levels or increasing the amount of experience points you receive.

Players would also be pleased to see the most important moments from the enemy’s perspective. This could improve the skills of the community and teach them not to make many mistakes.

Danger Zone could become much more interesting if you could play it with a larger group of friends. This is just another suggestion from the community – to be able to play with 3 or even 4 people.

A smaller proposition is giving players medals for the number of matches won. It would be really interesting and encouraging to play if you could win medals for a large number of games won.

6 things Valve can do today to improve CSGO without too much work.

Of course, these are only a part of the smaller propositions that could make the game better without much effort. Still, players have an unlimited base of ideas … only developers willing to implement them are missing.

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