The PS5 is huge, but its cooling design serves a crucial purpose – it’s super quiet based on first impressions.

The PS5 is huge, but its cooling design serves a crucial purpose - it's super quiet based on first impressions.

The PS5 is a huge console , especially compared to its current and past rivals. The console’s unique design aims to keep all of its components perfectly cooled with virtually no noise.

Two Japanese media outlets, 4Gamers and Dengeki, were among the first to take a first look at the PS5, and in both cases what surprised them the most was precisely this quiet cooling system that “ is even more impressive than the loading times ”.


Extremely quiet

One of the publishers tested one of the launch titles, Godfall for a long time. After a while he checked the temperature of the console and noticed how “a light breeze” was coming out of the ventilation grill , and the components were not too hot, and the console was hovering around 131-140 °Fahrenheit.

Precisely for these editors, the most surprising thing was precisely that “you could hardly hear what the rotation of the fan should have been”. They were of the same opinion in Dengeki, where rated the console “exceptionally quiet”.

These first impressions therefore look promising in one of the sections most criticized by PS4 users , who are often encountered with annoying and clearly audible fan noise. The Dengeki writer was even more surprised by the quiet cooling than the load times which were supposed to be one of the clear technical arguments for Sony’s next-gen console.

Of course, they warned, “  The main concern will be the size of the console so you need to make sure there is enough space for both cooling and cooling. “