The map from the first chapter will really return to Fortnite? The connection theory says yes

The map from the first chapter will really return to Fortnite The connection theory says yes

Recently, a lot has been said on the internet about the theory according to which the map from the first chapter would return to Fortnite.

Despite the fact that at the end of the first chapter everyone felt tired of the then map, today many people would really be happy to see it return. Mainly because it evokes cool memories and could make players feel the joy of logging into Fortnite again.

One popular theory is that the original island will really make a comeback, and the community will be given the option to choose which map to play on.

Map from the first chapter

A Reddit user with the nickname “SvenWillNeverDie420” has gathered all the evidence that he believes indicates that the map from the first chapter will return.

Fortnite Mapa z pierwszego rozdziału

As we read, all this was to start with Donald Mustard’s entry that everything is connected. Some locations from the original island are also on the new one, meanwhile Stark is preparing a special version of the Battle Bus that could transfer players between dimensions while the Nexus stands for connection.

fortnite new map

Is there a chance for this? Of course. For now, however, this is only a theory that can be reduced to a few sub-points:

  • Some spots are shared
  • Donalnd Mustard writes about the merger
  • Nexus means a connection between two or more things
  • Stark’s plans to build a better combat bus (this one is already in the files)

The theory is very confusing, but you need to know from it that there is a chance that the beloved community map will return in the next season. All of this would have to be clarified during the event with the arrival of Galactus.

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