Tahm Kench broken? His W works globally through a bug, and using it is a standard ban

Tahm Kench broken His W works globally through a bug, and using it is a standard ban

A bug made W Tahm Kencha go global. How does it look like?

Bugs that make heroes’ skills take effect at unlimited range are a problem in League of Legends. It happens from time to time that a champion can use his skill wherever he wants, and at the same time he often defeats the entire opposing team in the blink of an eye. This time the bug isn’t about making a pentakill in a second, but it’s also weird and can break the game. It’s about Devour (W) Tahm Kench.

Global Devour is a new bug in League of Legends

Tahm Kench is a character who aroused mixed feelings from the beginning, due to the fact that one of his skills could be used for trolling. Despite this, the hero enjoyed great interest in the esports scene and won a group of fans who were heavily affected by later nerfs.

This time it is again about W champion that has gone global. In short – Tahm can devour another hero, even if he is standing on the opposite side of the map. It is relatively easy to make a mistake by using W on an ally that is beyond the skill range while playing Tahm Kenchem. Then he will throw Q without performing any other action, such as movement or the rest of the ability. What happens next looks quite funny, as you can see in the video below:

As you can see – you can devour an ally from the top when you are on the bot yourself.

The bug is especially dangerous because it can be used not only to gain an advantage (including saving your own team from the end of the map), but also to troll. Tahm with global W can easily interfere on every lane, destroy jungle clearing, distract the team from the farm and the like.

Riot is most likely already working on a fix, and those who abuse the new bug will likely face the consequences of a ban.

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