Sony to acquire WB Games Analyst’s statement

Sony to acquire WB Games Analyst's statement

Sony may have plans to acquire a huge publisher. The analyst commented on the producer’s next move.

Could the next generation bring with it huge changes on the publishing market? With Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, a lot will change.

Michael Patcher is a video game analyst working for Wedbush Securities. In a recent interview with GamingBol, t shared a very interesting assumption.

I think Sony is now in a good place and time to take out Warner Bros. Interactive if it is put up for sale again. It depends on whether AT&T decides to sell them and how. If they only want to resell their licenses to brands, they will not agree to any form of exclusivity. They don’t want to limit their games to just one platform. However, if they give up perpetual rights to Mortal Kombat or Batman, they would fit well into Sony’s assortment.

Michael Patcher

Sony has been talking about potential publishing purchases for several weeks now.

Great single-player titles are definitely PlayStation’s strength, and paving the way to new, wildly popular licenses would be a very good move for the Japanese.

There are also rumors about a possible buyout of Konami. However, Patcher did mention that acquiring the rights to Metal Gear Solid without Hideo Kojima’s involvement in its development would not make much sense . It’s hard to disagree. Strong brands are one thing, but they still need to be put in good hands.