Nintendo Hacker arrested. His name is, no kidding Bowser.

Nintendo Hacker arrested. His name is, no kidding Bowser.

You can’t make it up, it really happened: A group of hackers were arrested for making pirated games playable on the Nintendo Switch. One of the backers is actually called Bowser.

Gary Bowser, to be precise. Along with Max Louarn, he formed the Team Xecuter hacking group. The two have now been arrested in Seattle and must stand trial. The US Department of Justice announced.

Nintendo consoles in their sights

Team Xecuter was targeting Nintendo consoles and a USB device that could be used to play pirated copies on the Switch. The NES Classic and the 3DS were also hacked and modified by both. And because Max Louarn and Gary Bowser made money out of it, the US authorities came to an agreement with them. Most hackers offer their “products” as open source templates for free because they don’t want unwanted attention. They are not interested in profit, so their modifications and hacks are often tacitly tolerated.

Nintendo had already filed a complaint against the hacker group in May. The goal of the game maker at the time was to prevent the sale of Team Xecuters products. Nintendo should have done it with the arrest of the two personalities.

He faces 20 years imprisonment

Making real money with illegal hacks is not a trivial offense in America. In the worst case scenario, Max Louarn and Gary Bowser face 20 years in prison for postal and telecommunications fraud and money laundering. A negotiation date has not yet been set.

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