Here’s all the content coming to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons in the coming months

Here's all the content coming to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons in the coming months

Mojang Title recently hosted a conference to educate on everything to come to the game in the coming months.

Minecraft was one of the first big modern phenomena in the video game industry, which saw hundreds of popular personalities at the content creator level opting for Mojang’s game as their benchmark. Over the years, Fortnite level games whose popularity is capable of rivaling that of the title in question, but despite this, it has remained fresh and filled with new content in different ways – such as through the recent announcement. collaboration with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -.

In this way, following the recent holding of Minecraft Live 2020, we were able to know all the content news that will emerge in Minecraft itself and also on the dungeon side in the coming months. We review all of the franchise announcements:

Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, all new content

  • In the summer of 2021, the Caves & Cliffs update will arrive , which will combine two highly anticipated improvements: a cave update and the winning Minecon Live 2019 biome: Mountains . As a result, new classes of blocks and various abilities will land, such as copper ore, glass geodes and telescopes . On the other hand, two classes of new creatures will be introduced; the first of these will be the Headmaster , who will inhabit dark caves and react to movement. The second will focus on Axolotl , an aquatic cave creature who, however, can come to aid players in battle.
  • The cross-play is coming to Minecraft Dungeons in November. More content will also arrive with the Howlin Peaks DLC – date to be announced -, which has Tempest Golem as a new boss for the game. In addition to the DLC, new missions, items and creatures will also be included, although before that the Free update be released ‘ Apocalypse Plus ‘, which will be responsible for adding 20 new difficulty levels available after Apocalypse VII. Other novelties will be an increase in the power level of the characters as well as new enchantments and unique items.
  • Minecraft Education Edition : The World Building Championship , which will invite students to design and build a space with a healthy environment for people and humans. Interested parties can register via this link . In addition, the inclusion of content on fairness and racial history has also been reported, taking players on a journey through historic civil rights movements and their leaders.

Here's all the content coming to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons in the coming months

Ultimately, from Minecraft Live it was also reported that since the coronavirus title debuted, Mojang has seen a 90% increase in connection for multiplayer games , which has pushed the gaming community to become 132. million monthly users . Likewise, they confirmed a new donation to support the Black Lives Count movement , increasing the amount donated during this 2020 to $ 2.15 million.

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