Godfall – 4K and 120 FPS The developers comment on the rumors

Godfall - 4K and 120 FPS The developers comment on the rumors

The creators of Godfall aren’t sure if their game will work as expected. Players get angry with forced connection to the network during the game.

In connection with the premiere of new consoles, the network is flooded with false information. An entry appeared in the ResetEra forum that suggests that Japanese editors played Godfall on PS5 at 4K and 120 FPS. Sounds incredible?

The developers aren’t sure how the game will work on PS5 yet . This is a bit strange, because Godfall has already been officially completed and went to the pressing plant. Optimizing your game with the Day One Patch? This shouldn’t be surprising nowadays, although it’s still a risky move.

The controversy does not end there. As it turns out, Counterplay will require a permanent network connection . Although hardly anyone today plays without an Internet connection, this is a strong limitation that has nothing to do with the content of the game. After all, the creators have announced that their production will not be a game-service, which is even more surprising in the context of the announcement.

The developers’ approach is worrying to say the least. If the developer himself has doubts as to whether his game will meet the performance expectations, maybe it would be better to postpone the premiere? Meeting deadlines is one thing, but sometimes it’s better to wait longer than to find a defective product.