Genshin Impact: where to find dandelion seeds

Genshin Impact where to find dandelion seeds

The Genshin Impact inspired game from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, was a total success. It was launched just over a week ago and has taken players everywhere by storm! Not only does the open world action RPG have countless things to do, but it also continues to increase those things to do as you earn Adventure Ranks! Adventure Rank EXP, all you have to do is do anything in the game, and it will be rewarded. Whether it’s opening chests or completing quests!

Now when you reach Adventure Rank 20 you have access to the Battle Pass and Weekly Missions. One of the weekly missions that you must undertake is to collect 100 local Mondstadt specialties. Dandelion seed is one of those specialties, so let me tell you where you can find them!

Dandelion seeds

Genshin Impact where to find dandelion seeds

Dandelion plants can be found in the wilderness area of ​​the Mondstadt region, but normally you can find them at the Mondstadt town gate, but the place to find them is to the west of the Dawn cellar; you will have to cross a body of water to climb the cliffs, and this is the area where you will find lots of dandelions! The Dawn Winery is located south of the area called Wolvendom, or southwest of Springvale.

Genshin Impact where to find dandelion seeds

However, you may have encountered them on your travels and hitting them with your weapons doesn’t seem to have any effect. There is a secret to acquiring the seeds; You must have an Anemo (Wind) item user in your party and use an Anemo skill. This causes the dandelion plant to hiss and leaves the dandelion seeds behind.

Dandelion seeds mainly have two uses; one is for the use of Alchemy, where you can do two things, Gushing essential oil and Windbarrier potion. However, the most important use of the seeds is to unlock the Ascension of John!

For users using John in your party, you need 168 Dandelion Seeds in total to get John to his max level! Why not collect seeds for Jean and complete all 100 local specialties of Mondstadt Weekly Mission in the Battle Pass, at the same time!

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