Crysis 3 installed in RTX 3090 memory. No longer needed SSD drives

Crysis 3 installed in RTX 3090 memory. No longer needed SSD drives

The RTX 3090 memory can be used as data storage. An example is Crysis 3, installed directly on the graphics card.

The latest RTX 3090 graphics card from the Ampere family is killer in many ways. On the one hand, its very high price of PLN 7,000 per play is shocking, and on the other hand, it offers amazing performance in games with maximal graphics settings. Thanks to the large VRAM memory capacity (24 GB), it supports textures in 8K on the fly, but not only that, you can use the mentioned resources.

A Twitter user, hidden under the pseudonym Strife, decided to check whether the built-in memory of the graphics card can replace the classic disk. With her discovery, she amazed many enthusiasts, because she managed to install Crysis 3 directly in VRAM .

Crysis 3 installed in RTX 3090 memory. No longer needed SSD drives

Of course, she did not do this without the help of special software. First, using the GPU Ram Drive, it created a 15 GB partition from the VRAM memory, which could be managed by the system. This way she was able to choose a new path in the Crysis 3 installer for the copied game files.

The remaining 9 GB of VRAM was sufficient to run Crysis 3 in 4K resolution. And her report shows that the game worked perfectly , and dividing the memory did not affect the quality of the game.

Although the effect itself may be surprising, the author hoped for much more. Despite the fast memory bandwidth of the RTX 3090 (936 GB / s), the game did not load as fast as on an NVMe disk with the same parameters. What could be the reason for this situation? Strife suspects a slightly narrower throat with VRAM; it is quite possible that there is a higher memory latency than in classic drives.

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