Call of Duty Warzone mistakenly confirms season 7

Call of Duty Warzone mistakenly confirms season 7

Just a few days ago Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare received season 6 with various new features such as new maps and game modes . However, Labor officials seem to have already mistakenly confirmed the existence of a Season 7 coming soon after the launch of the new Cold War of Black Operations , which may mean integration with the new video game.

Already it was explained weeks ago What Call of Duty: Warzone I would continue to receive news and support after the release of Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops , integrating into the new work and receiving content inspired by the time of the cold war. However, today it looks like it has been confirmed that the Season System will continue after Cold War comes out of Black Operations , and there will be a Season 7.

The news, collected by our colleagues at Intel Games , comes from the Official Call of Duty Site , where the Season 6 Battle Pass is discussed mentioning a Season 7 which, we recall, has not yet been officially released. ad. According to the Season 6 schedules, this Season 7 would arrive on November 24 , a few days after the launch of Cold War Black Operations.

That way, if the information is true, everything indicates that Cold War of Black Operations will maintain the season system and replace Modern Warfare when receiving Warzone seasons simultaneously . Anyway, there are a few weeks left to find out all the details. We will be careful to bring any news that arises in this regard.

We remind you that during Warzone Yes Modern Warfare received season 6 on September 29, Cold War of Black Operations It will only land on November 11 on all current and new generation platforms. Despite this, during the month of October we will be able to test a free open multiplayer beta. You can consult all the details and dates via this same link .

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