Call of Duty Warzone A new weapon crosses every wall

Call of Duty Warzone A new weapon crosses every wall

With the start of Season 6 in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and “Warzone,” the AS VAL, a new assault rifle, also came into play . The rifle seems to be a bit too powerful at the moment, as with the right setup it can shoot even through the thickest walls.

The fact that bullets can injure and kill opponents through walls is a very normal feature in “Call of Duty” games. But not to the extent that it is currently possible with the AS VAL assault rifle. Normally, bullets can only penetrate thin surfaces and do less damage when hit. However, these limitations do not appear to apply to AS VAL at this time, Polygon reports.

AS VAL shoots through multiple walls without damage reduction

If the rifle is equipped with SPP bullets, the shots from the rifle will easily penetrate thicker walls. Several walls are also not an obstacle for the weapon. What’s worse, however, is that after the bullets hit the walls, they deal almost complete damage.

Basically, it is not that easy to know where the opponents are behind walls or walls, but with the help of instant grenades, the AS VAL becomes a powerful weapon. When grenades explode, enemies are discovered within a small radius, even through walls.

Players who use sustained AS VAL then only need to point to the enemy silhouette and the kill is certain for them. The opponent has no chance against this tactic because he cannot see where he is fired from.

Extensive wall damage is probably a bug

AS VAL’s enormous firepower through walls is likely a bug that Infinity Ward should fix in the near future. If you don’t feel like getting hit through walls all the time, maybe you should take a short break until the weapon bug is fixed.

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