Nexus Mods Platform Opposes All Political Content About US Until Elections

Nexus Mods Platform Opposes All Political Content About US Until Elections

Until the new president of the North American country is chosen, we will not see any more changes like this.

The mods They are an important part of the industry play contemporary video. Thanks to the popularity they have gained in works such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Yes Fallout 3 , their prominence within the medium has grown increasingly greater, generating works that gradually further support this class of structures. However, this new standard is largely due to the Mods Nexus platform , an ecosystem through which, for years, content creators from all over the world have come together to add their own visions to such works, be it from a purely aesthetic or fully playable point of view.

However, given the current period of political campaigning in the United States ahead of the November presidential elections, the platform has decided to veto any political content until it is implemented . “  Recently we have seen an avalanche of troll mods based on the current socio-political issues in the United States. As the November elections approach, we expect this trend to develop as it did 4 years ago, ”they reported in an entry on their official blog.

”  Given the low quality of the mods downloaded, the polarizing outlook, and the fact that a small but loud group of our users are stupid or immature enough to discuss issues without resorting to name sharing and unsubstantiated accusations without evidence ( indicators of bigger problems plaguing our world in these times) we have decided to wash our hands of this disaster and veto mods related to socio-political problems in the United States “They mentioned, that is entered into force on September 28 and will continue ” Until the inauguration of the next President of the United States “.

Therefore, regulars Nexus Mods They will experience variation in the content offered in the following weeks, although it is expected that the mods removed will be those that primarily promote hatred between communities or directly attack a specific group for ideological reasons.

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