Genshin Impact How to Fix Error Code 4201

Genshin Impact How to Fix Error Code 4201

Genshin Impact had a fantastic launch, with millions of people downloading it to try it out. No doubt that number has skyrocketed, and no wonder the title is incredible. The assortment of things you can do there: wipe out beasts, search the earth for treasure, even complete puzzles for more treasure! Like any game , errors can occur which is frustrating when you just want to play the game! The most common error code at the moment is 4201, but how can you fix it?

This error code is the most common, but it’s also quite recent, so there isn’t much information on how to fix it, but there are a few things you can try. Don’t worry, this is just a PC problem; PS4 and Mobile are not affected. Most error codes starting at 4000 have to do with your VPN (virtual private network) or the location of the network region.

The first main thing to try is to run Genshin Impact as administrator. Windows 10 is troublesome when it comes to these administrative tasks; even if only one user is on a PC with administrator privileges, it still prevents you from being a 100% administrator. First you need to define which programs you want to run as administrator, but it will run as administrator.

Head to where Genshin Impact is stored. Normally, if you have not changed the location of the game installer file, the location should be: Local Disk C> Program Files> Genshin Impact> Genshin Impact Game.

Genshin Impact How to Fix Error Code 4201

Right click on GenshinImpact.exe, at the bottom of the menu that will appear Properties. Click on Properties, and you should see 6 tabs at the top, click on the tab called Compatibility. Once on that tab, look for the word Settings, and under Settings and above Change high DPI settings, there should be a blank box that says Run this program as administrator. Click on the words and a check mark should appear inside the box. The last thing to note is when you are going to play Genshin Impact; a small window will appear saying: Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click Yes, because clicking No will close the game. Yes, must be clicked to start playing.

Genshin Impact How to Fix Error Code 4201

The second option is a more complicated solution and is to change your VPN. This might allow you to play the game, but you will have a very high ping, which will make the game appear to be lagging behind; it won’t be smooth at all. To use this option, it is essential to have a very good Internet connection!

The method I’m going to show you is not a VPN service. You don’t have to download a VPN client; however, this method may not work as effectively as getting one.

In the Windows search bar, type Network and click on the best match at the top which will be Network Status. Once this window opens, click Edit connection properties. Scroll down to where it says IP Settings, but first note the numbers that appear to your right; there will be a set of two sets of 4 numbers, for example Write those numbers down! So that you can change it if this solution doesn’t work for you.

Click on the Edit button and where it says Preferred DNS. Delete the number inside the box and type In Alternate DNS, remove the numbers in the box and type

These numbers correspond to Google’s public DNS IP address.

This method may or may not work, but if it does work, the gameplay won’t be as smooth as you bounce signals all over the place instead of just your modem. You need a very good internet for this method to be effective.

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