Genshin Impact: Flower of Wealth and Flower of Revelation

Genshin Impact Flower of Wealth and Flower of Revelation

Genshin Impact is a massive game , filled with exploration and wonder. Go on a journey, find wandering NPCs who could tell you a little story about the country, or maybe even a quest to solve for rewards! There is always something to do in the land of Teyvat; however, there are some things you can only do a few times per day with the Original Resin consumable! Don’t worry, though, as it regenerates over time! One thing you use Original Resin for is collecting rewards after finding a Ley Line. In the Mondstadt region there are two, the flower of wealth and the flower of revelation, But what exactly are they?

Ley Lines is a type of mini-boss that spawns a few waves of monsters, and upon defeating all the monsters, a Ley Line Blossom will be revealed. However, you need to pay 20 Original Resin to unlock the rewards inside the Ley Line Flower.

These Ley Lines are only available when you reach certain Adventure Rank thresholds. To unlock the Flower of Revelation you must be at Adventure Rank 8 and to reveal the Flower of Wealth, Adventure Rank 12 is required. Once they have been unlocked, by looking at the map, you will be able to locate them quite easily, as they are quite colorful and they are still there.

Genshin Impact Flower of Wealth and Flower of Revelation

If you choose to open the Ley Line Blossom, it will grant you Adventure Rank EXP, Friendship EXP, and depending on which Ley Line you went to, Character EXP materials. for Blossom of Revelation or Mora for Blossom of Wealth. The rewards will always match your Adventure Rank, so the higher your Rank, the better the loot! Even if you defeat one, they will move locations, so head to the new location and you can defeat them again! Depends on your original resin count, of course!

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