Genshin Impact Andrius the Wolf Boss

Genshin Impact Andrius the Wolf Boss

Genshin Impact is undoubtedly heavily inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as it uses a magnificent art style to really immerse you in the game . Although it is all about finding and killing enemies, it is very difficult not to get lost in the beauty of the nature around you. There are tons of quests that will take you all over the world, so take your time and soak up everything On occasion a certain quest will unlock, known as the Weekly Boss, and by completing the called challenge The Razor Act 1 story quest, boss Andrius will emerge.

To unlock the series of quests Razor, The meaning of Lupical, you must be at the forefront of adventure and 21 have completed some historical acts. Act III of the Archon Prologue quest and Act 1 of the Amber Story quest must be completed before Razors unlocks. Once these and Act 1 of the Razor Quest are completed, it will lead you to challenge Andrius as a weekly boss.

Andrius is actually known as Boreas, is one of the four winds protecting Mondstadt. His official title is Wolf of the North, and when his loved ones, the wolves, are threatened, the noble soul will take the form of a wolf to defend his family.

Weekly bosses are much more difficult to defeat than Elite bosses; however, this is a very risky-reward scenario! If you manage to defeat a weekly boss the rewards are fantastic, but only if you spend 60 Original Resin to do so, as a Trounce Flower emerges. Trounce Blossoms is like the Ley Line Blossoms when you complete a Blossom of Revelation or Wealth. You can, however, choose not to spend the 60 Original Resins for the reward.

Right now there are two weekly bosses, Andrius and Dvalin (Stormterror), and don’t worry if you’ve already killed him, as these bosses respawn every Monday, so make sure you’ve completed your original resin to reap the great rewards!

If you are having trouble with this boss fight, with Weekly Bosses being the toughest bosses in the game at the moment, you can watch this video for a detailed boss guide on how to beat Andrius.

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