Bloodborne is free for PS Plus members now in the US

Bloodborne is free for PS Plus members now in the US

Update: Pack everyone up, the error has been fixed. Fear the old blood, and all that.

Original story: It’s strange. FromSoftware’s beloved action title Bloodborne is currently free for PlayStation Plus members on PS4 . Here is the store link.

Of course, the game was a PS Plus deal in the past, but now you can get it for free right now – if you’re a Plus member with a North American account, that is. We have checked and the game does not appear to be free in Europe.

We’re not sure exactly why it’s advertised as free. The October PS Plus line has been announced, and as mentioned, the action RPG has already been on the schedule. It’s possible that this is something to do with the PS Plus Collection, which is a PS5 addition to Plus that gives you access to certain PS4 titles.

Either way, Bloodborne can be caught for free in the United States. Assuming it’s a mistake, you might not have long to claim it, so jump on it.

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