Will Apex Legends have cross progression Respawn responds

Will Apex Legends have cross progression Respawn responds

Yesterday already leaked that today there would be a big announcement for Apex Legends, although everything seemed to indicate that this was going to focus on the Aftermarket Collection Event. However, despite the importance of this event, the most striking was the disclosure of the crossplay start date, plus a new MTL called Flashpoint. But there are many people confused with the international problem gambling , believing that there will be cross progress, that is to say that we can maintain the same statistics and skins (go on the same account) between platforms.

What about cross progression in Apex Legends?

Unfortunately at this time there will be no cross progression in Apex Legends. But even in that sentence you just read is a pretty big silver lining. “For now,” Those two words are exactly what the boys Respawn Entertainment in the blog published today. And they took advantage of a paragraph to answer this question that might confuse fans, and they said:

“While we know that [el progreso cruzado] is a very valuable feature, it is not available in Apex Legends at this time. However, we’ll talk about that in more detail when we launch the game on Steam later this year. ” 

Respawn Entertainment

Sure enough , Reappear not only sees cross-progression as an option for Apex Legends, but also They promised to talk more about it. To all this is added that a few weeks ago it was leaked in the code a lot of references to this function, so it seems obvious that they are at least testing to implement it in the Royal Battle .

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