The reward for level 2500 in LoL is still hopeless. What’s the highest level in the game right now?

The reward for level 2500 in LoL is still hopeless. What's the highest level in the game right now

Hardly anyone pays special attention to the levels in LoL, unless it is someone who is fighting for the highest place on his server in terms of level.

Each server has its own ranking. At this point, EUW seems to be winning, which has a real TOP 1 in the world. Interestingly, in TOP 2 there is the same person who was the first one a year ago. Another interesting fact may be what differs EUNE the most from other regions.

Who has the highest level?

EUW is doing the best at this point, where players have the highest levels in the game.

  • 1 – 2565
  • 2 – 2312
  • 3 – 1792

Who has the highest level

TOP 1 is currently Platinum 2, though as you can see, it doesn’t really matter much in terms of tier.


  • 1 – 1396
  • 2 – 1315
  • 3 – 1275

Who has the highest level


  • 1 – 1458
  • 2 – 1234
  • 3 – 1305

Who has the highest level

How is EUNE different from all these regions? TOP 1 in Poland does not play ranked games at all. Elsewhere, the most important thing is someone who has a Platinum, Diamond, and on EUNE it is “Unranked” mainstreaming Teemo among others.

  • 1 – 1838
  • 2 – 1344
  • 3 – 1336

Who has the highest level

TOP 3 in the world consists of two accounts from the EUW server and one from EUNE.

  • 1 – 2565 – EUW
  • 2 – 2312 – EUW
  • 3 – 1838 – EUNE

What do you get for this level?

At level 2500, you still get only a capsule. This is something the community has already complained about months ago when reaching level 200. The moment of driving in 2500 levels:

Despite voices from a year ago that it was definitely insufficient reward, Riot has not updated it. The rest of the awards are still:


It is very possible that after hearing a lot of criticism from top-tier players, Riot will finally update its rewards.

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