Super Mario Bros. 35 the main keys to knowing how to play

Super Mario Bros. 35 the main keys to knowing how to play

We explain in detail everything you need to know about Super Mario Bros. 35 and we give you some tips to survive longer

Starting today October 1 (O only until March 31) this Now available on Nintendo Switch Super Mario Bros. 35, it Battle Royale which brings back the iconic title of the NES. Best of all, it’s free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so if you have a subscription, take the opportunity to download it at no additional cost! However, this work, which may seem quite simple, has its own handful of peculiar mechanisms that can be a headache for those newcomers and, above all, who have not played Tetris 99.

That is why in Areajugones we will try to explain the main keys to you to tell you everything you need to know Super Mario Bros. 35. And who knows, it might even help you win a weird game!

Everything you need to know about Super Mario Bros. 35

Battle Royale similar to Tetris 99

Many of you have certainly enjoyed many games of Tetris 99. good Super Mario Bros.35, mechanically, it closely resembles the Battle Royale above. Here are their main differences and similarities:

  • Super Mario Bros. 35 contains items for 35 players, while in Tetris 99 there are 99. Logically, there is only one winner, and this is the one who survived seeing how other players saw it. the game screen completed.
  • You’ll move into a big center screen, while you can see everything your 34 rivals are doing from both sides of your Nintendo Switch (or your TV, if it’s in desktop mode).
  • The controls for “attacking” opponents are the same in both games. A few lines below we dig deeper.
  • Both games share a “scoring” system where the higher you are, the more effectively you will attack your opponents.

The importance of parts

In Super Mario games the coins have always existed. Usually these are used to give you a life when you get 100, but since there are many other ways to get lives, the coins are not in high demand among players. But Super Mario Bros. 35 that is changing; Coins become the main way to survive longer during your games. Whenever you see coins on your screen, go get them, unless you are short on time.

  • Random Item: In games we have the option to get random power up , but for that we have to spend 20 coins. When we get this random item, we can activate it again as long as we have 20 coins. You can touch us:
  • POW Block (will eliminate all enemies in your surroundings with a stroke of the pen)
  • Mushroom
  • Fire flower
    • Star


Is very important to collect coins, since these enhancers they will get us out of a dead end repeatedly. When we have the screen full of enemies and obstacles, it is better to use the box of random items to have a chance to pass without finishing our game. Therefore, our advice is that save your coins only in the very rare cases, when you are practically between a rock and a hard place. Of course, if you have any coins left, give yourself a little whim if you want.


Daily challenges

In addition, Super Mario Bros. 35 has a system of daily challenges that will reward us with coins as we complete In-Game (which are also earned by playing) with which we can afford to start each match with a power-up.

  • Mushroom: costs 20 coins.
  • Fire Flower: It costs 50 coins.
  • Star: it costs 30 coins.

Just by playing, you shouldn’t have a problem starting all your games with a power-up. If you want to save some coins in some way, choose the mushroom, because normally at the start of the levels there will be a block with a power-up and, if you had already started the level with the mushroom , you will get a fire flower.

Watch the time

Time in Super Mario Bros. 35 is another of its main mechanics and the one that has to be the most outstanding. Of course, it’s more dangerous at the start of the games than when you advanced it, because at the beginning we have much less time and we increase it with some ease. There are several ways to increase the time:

  • Eliminate enemies: It depends on how we eliminate them, we will save more or less time:
  • Jump on it: this will give us 2 seconds. However, if we jump on several enemies in a row without touching the ground, each consecutive enemy will give us two more seconds (i.e. the first will give us 2 seconds, the second 4, the third 6 …) .
  • With Fire Flower: The Fire Flower is the most recommended way to go through levels full of enemies. However, this is the least effective way to save time, since every enemy we eliminate will only give us a second.
  • Star: Each enemy we eliminate with the star power will grant us 2 seconds.
    • With POW block: We will gain 2 seconds for each enemy we eliminate with this powerful block that we can hit in the box of random items.
  • Pick up items: If we take a power up, we won’t save time unless we have already powered it up. In this case, we will save 15 seconds.
  • With the final flag: the higher you climb on the pole at the end of the levels, the more seconds you gain ( up to 15).

Everything you need to know about Super Mario Bros. 35

Attacking players and strategies

The way to attack rivals in Super Mario Bros. 35 is exactly the same as in Tetris 99. As we eliminate enemies, We send them to the rival we are attacking, making the game more difficult.

With the left lever we can individually select who we want to attack specifically from our 34 enemies. But with the right stick we can choose to attack:

  • Random: We attack the opponent that the game has selected for no rhyme or reason.
  • With more coins: We will attack the rival who has the most coins, forcing him to spend them.
  • With less time: in my opinion, this is the least recommended strategy If we send enemies to the opponent who has less time on his marker, it means he barely took out the enemies. This means he’s probably best prepared with Coins and a Fire Flower, so sending him lots of enemies won’t be a problem and he’ll save time because of us.
  • Counterattack: Does a rival often touch your nose? Select the counterattack and return all the enemies he sent you.

Game modes

In Super Mario Bros. 35, which is simply a 35 player Battle Royale , there are up to three game modes, and all three are very interesting.

  • Battle of 35: this is normal. Taking into account everything that we have explained in this article, you will know what this game mode is all about. Yes here we can select at what level we prefer to play our game, although at least for today, which is the launch of Super Mario Bros. 35, we’re still playing level 1-1. When we complete it, we usually go to level 1-2, and when we complete it (as long as we don’t go Warp Zone end), we will return to level 1-1.
  • Special Battle: These are kind of small, limited-time events that last a few days, less than a week. In these, the games take place in a predetermined list of levels, with a specific time, with a specific boost at the start of the game, and with a specific number of coins. And even though it seems no, it does give Super Mario Bros. 35 a lot of added variety to the Battle of 35.
  • Training: Effectively, we can select each level that we have discovered to play it from start to finish, with the sole purpose of practicing and knowing it. This is especially useful for those who haven’t played Super Mario Bros. much and do not know the levels of the last worlds.
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