Rocket League is updated to version 1.84 to add this requested feature

Rocket League is updated to version 1.84 to add this requested feature

A few days ago, the moment that thousands of players have been waiting for arrived. Eventually, Rocket League went free and it was a real renaissance for this title five years after its original release. To do this, they released a major update that completely refreshed the game , changing the menu interface from top to bottom, adding a tutorial to starting Rocket League for the first time, and many other changes. All that, and especially since it was free, I have that reach a million players per day in excess. But those who already had the game are missing something.

Rocket League Patch 1.84: The Quick Match Returns

Before, in the Rocket League menu , specifically at the top, there was an option called Quick Match. If we pressed this button, the game would automatically search for a game based on the list of games we searched for the last time (for example, if we had searched for competitive 3v3 and 2v2 games last time, with Quick Match it will search always automatically this type. of matches until we change it). It was a very comfortable and fast option, but with the update of the free to play title this button is gone. Luckily, they’ve already added it again.

Rocket League Patch 1.84 The Quick Match Returns

As you can see it was in the title update 1.84 which is already available from today in which have again implemented this button how much the gaming community was missing. They also took the opportunity to fix some bugs related to the challenge system, which was causing issues, or infinite loading screens.

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