Genshin Impact: Ascension Guide – Pro Game Guides

Genshin Impact Ascension Guide - Pro Game Guides

Genshin Impact is a huge game , and over time its content will keep getting bigger and bigger! With the rumors about what’s to come with Major Update 1.1, players will be jumping for joy! However, with the base game alone, there’s a lot to consider without including any new updates. One of those things that is quite confusing is leveling up characters, because it’s not as easy as leveling up a character, and that’s it. There are several aspects to this like unlocking their Constellations and Ascension from a character Now what is Ascendant and how do you do it?

What is Ascendant?

Riding is taking a character and improving it to another level. This upgrade comes with a variety of stat increases, such as base health, base defense, base attack, and other stats depending on the character being ascended.

Ascending a character is much easier to do than unlocking their constellations, but in a sense, it takes longer.

Genshin Impact Ascension Guide - Pro Game Guides

How to go up?

All characters must reach level 20 before they can climb; however, it must be accomplished. Three different types of materials are required for an Ascension to take place, as well as a hefty price of 20,000 Mona! Each character’s three materials will always be something different. I will use user Cryo Kaeya as an example; he needs:

  • 1x 2 Star Shivada Jade Ribbon
  • 3x calla lily
  • 3x treasurer badges

You can find out what materials each character needs by leveling them up to level 20 and going to the character menu, in the lower right corner there should be a button that says Ascend. Hit that, and on the right side of the screen should be the stat changes provided by Ascension and the materials needed.

Once everything has been acquired, press that Ascend button, and your character will be Ascended!

Genshin Impact Ascension Guide - Pro Game Guides

What does an Ascension do?

In addition to increasing stats, an Ascension allows a player to go beyond the first level cap. The first maximum level is at level 20, and more EXP cannot be gained without Ascension, so any EXP gained will be wasted. Once a character is Ascended, the next 20 levels are unlocked, up to the next maximum level, which is level 40.

When characters reach level 40, another Ascension can take place, once again. However, this time 4 items are needed, one item is 3 star, another is 4 star, and each time you go up the necessary materials will get more and more scarce. But alas, this needs to be done to level up your characters further!

Genshin Impact Ascension Guide - Pro Game Guides

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