Apex Legends Reveals When They Will Introduce Crossplay

Apex Legends Reveals When They Will Introduce Crossplay

For some time now, many players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of cross play for Apex Legends, which was finally due to arrive in the fall as announced a few months ago. Of course, the vast majority of gamers expected this feature to come with the version of the Battle Royale for Nintendo Switch and Steam, which is confirmed but ultimately they haven’t announced a release date just yet. And just like yesterday which leaked today an announcement would take place and the Aftermarket event started on October 6th this same leak was accomplished.

Crossplay is coming to Apex Legends on October 6

This was heralded by a great trailer where they take the opportunity to showcase the achievable skins throughout the event in question, the most important part is the arrival of crossplay on Apex Legends which will also begin on October 6th. Yes, this is a beta, and while PS4 , Xbox One, and Origin players can pair up freely, Respawn will be pending what they can improve on.

As revealed, the PC gamers will only pair with PC gamers, and those on console only with console players (it doesn’t matter if Xbox One or PS4). Of course, if a console gamer joins a PC friend, if they’ll only have to face PC gamers. Also mentioned What plans to include crossover progress, though they’ll talk more about that when they launch Apex Legends on Steam.

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