How does Among Us look transferred to Roblox? “Impostor” is treated like a children’s version

How does Among Us look transferred to Roblox Impostor is treated like a children's version

The players decided to create their own Among Us. Impostor has already been released in beta.

Roblox gives amazing possibilities when it comes to recreating famous productions. For many years, players can, for example, try their hand at a full-fledged Battle Royale, strongly inspired by Fortnite.

Now a game called “Impostor” has appeared there, no one is hiding that it is a copy of Among Us, and even promoted in this way.

Could this title pose a threat to the original?

The small production is really advanced, and the movies with it are very popular. It certainly cannot harm the original Among Us, nor significantly reduce the number of its users. Everything is a bit different here than in the original.

It is primarily played from the first person perspective. But so are the things to do here, and all the rules that apply to Among Us.

To play the game, please follow the link. It was announced that the production is to be constantly updated and improved, so its creator intends to take care of this title.

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