Genshin Impact The Mercy System

Genshin Impact The Mercy System

Genshin Impact, the open-world action RPG, uses a gacha system, in which certain types of currency are used to make wishes on the luck of obtaining an incredibly rare character, weapon, or item. There is a rarity star system used by Genshin Impact where 5 stars is the rarest up to 1 star, which is exceptionally common. However, for the rarer unlocks, the 5 stars, the chances of acquiring them are incredibly low. This is where the Pity System games come in.

Game developers know that the gacha system is random. Users have no control over what is going to be given up, it’s incredibly lucky. Some developers have built in security to ensure that your luck will turn around at one point or another.

MiHoYo is one of those developers who integrated the Pity System into Genshin Impact. This system guarantees that a 5 star drop will be granted after 90 desired uses without receiving a single one. If a 4 star has not been unlocked after 10 desired uses, it will be secured on the next use.

However, the pity system does not carry over anything, which means that if you get a 5 star drop in that use of 90 wishes, the counter will reset to 90. The same goes for the 4 star counter. It won’t carry over the number of previously failed attempts – the developers aren’t that kind.

Most players won’t even know if the pity system has even triggered, as it happens in the background. It is more likely that the user will think that he finally got lucky and not even know that the game really took pity on his bad luck. It might not be the best system, but at least they have something in place that guarantees you rare unlocking!

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