Call of Duty Black Ops’ Cold War Zombies Mode Could Truly Be A Game Of Its Own

Call of Duty Black Ops' Cold War Zombies Mode Could Truly Be A Game Of Its Own

Treyarch shared a first look at the incredibly in-depth delivery of Zombies mode with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in November. Much like the previous titles, it really feels like it’s own play in a game, as team members describe how they’re reshaping the experience with free post-launch content, an all new story, progression, and loadouts that link in all available modes.

Black Ops Cold War sets the stage for a new Zombies experience that not only celebrates our entire Zombies heritage, but uses it as inspiration to build a whole new chapter in our universe. The trailer contained in the first embedded video above does a good job of detailing this quote to the air of a seriously questionable Marilyn Manson cover. Tainted love . The Treyarch team then teases that mechanics and items from previous iterations will also be brought back alongside some enemies that just won’t stay dead.