Annapurna PS5 Stray title reveals gameplay and story details

Annapurna PS5 Stray title reveals gameplay and story details

It’s been a while since last June, a very important month of this year 2020 and for the video game industry since the first PS5 event where, in addition to many titles, they presented the design of the next Sony console Annapurna Interactive It was one of the leading companies in this successful broadcast, and one of his works presented and one of the most attractive of the whole event. It was Stray. The trailer was short, but enough to grab attention from the get-go. We control a cat in a city with spectacular cyberpunk scenery. What could possibly go wrong?

New stray details

However, since then we have hardly known more details about the curious and mysterious Stray. But, fortunately, yesterday the Lost Page on PlayStation give more details on its playability (via DualShockers):

  • It’s a third person game, and as expected, it will play a stray cat.
  • We will move through a futuristic city with a cyberpunk atmosphere full of dark streets but lit by hundreds of neon lights. We will be able to interact with the environment in “a lot of fun ways.” 
  • Will have “dangerous creatures” that we will have to face and / or avoid.
  • Our goal is go solve various mysteries.
  • We need to be stealthy “nimble and boring uniform  with the characters and creatures that inhabit the world that makes up Stray.
  • The main cat will meet B12, a flying drone who will become our faithful companion and the two will be able to interact to overcome obstacles.

Finally, we remind you that it is expected that Lost to land on PC and PlayStation 5 sometime in 2021, although so far they have not specified a release date.