“Among Us” Is there an upcoming release for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

“Among Us” Is there an upcoming release for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

The survival game “Among Us” became a summer hit in 2020 on PC and mobile devices. But what about the PS4 , Xbox One, and Switch? You can read here if you can play space killer hunt on consoles.

“Among Us” is an independent title, the small studio responsible InnerSloth was surprised by the sudden success on Twitch. In order to cope with the influx of fans, the developers even stopped working on a “Among Us 2” project. The console versions of Part 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are also not currently running, as the implementation would be much more complicated than it initially appears.

Porting to consoles is possible – in theory

Developer Forest Willard spoke in September 2020, according to Inverse, about the challenges of porting the game. The good news: “We’ve started talking about a console version. The bad: There are obstacles – especially with the communication involved.

In “Among Us”, players must communicate with each other to find out which of them is a traitor and murder the other astronauts on board instead of helping them with their work. This requires text and voice chat, but a controller-friendly communication variant would be preferable on consoles.

Communication is a problem

Willard says, “We would have to write a system for short communication. It would be to play with random players, like in ‘Rocket League’. I don’t know if we could create voice chat on consoles or not. Until this problem is fixed, the console versions of “Among Us” will unfortunately not work. But at least InnerSloth seems to be working on it.


  1. “Among Us” is currently only playable on PC and mobile devices.
  2. The developers plan to port it to consoles, but there is no time window for a possible release.
    • The main difficulties are the communication opportunities between the players.
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