Amnesia Rebirth shines with expanded gameplay

Amnesia Rebirth shines with expanded gameplay

We are weeks away from the launch of Amnesia: Rebirth and the game is seen in all its glory with a 5 minute gameplay

It’s been a while since the creators of the Amnesia franchise revealed to the world the existence of a new title, called Amnesia: Rebirth . Now, after the last few weeks this game show trailer and launch date, today we saw the video game in action with a first gameplay trailer that teaches us more about the mechanics of this new horror title.

It’s a video of about 5 minutes that allows us to see the new horror video game in action for the first time, Amnesia: Rebirth . Thanks to the video, you can take a first look at the mechanics of the play, inherited from Amnesia: The Dark Descent , as well as some of the puzzles that we will find throughout the horror adventure. In addition, the gameplay allows us to enjoy the terrifying atmosphere with which it counts Amnesia: rebirth and with which it will seek to create a feeling of lack of comfort that keeps us alert to any danger.

You can see for yourself the gameplay trailer in question, collected by our colleagues at IGN , next.

Regarding the launch of this new opus, it has been confirmed that Amnesia: Rebirth will hit the market on October 20 exclusively to PC through Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store . Below is an official description of the work.

You can’t miss a breath. The creature is a few inches from you. Its sole purpose is to feed off your terror. You are crouching in the dark, trying to control your growing fear, trying to silence what is in you.

In Amnesia: Rebirth, you are Tasi Trianon and you wake up in the desert in Algeria. The days have passed. Where have you been? What did you do? Where are the others? Follow the traces of the journey, recover the fragments of your shattered past; this is your only chance to survive the ruthless horror that threatens to devour you.

The time is against you. Take on the role of Tasi and guide her through terror and pain. As you make your way through a desolate landscape, you will also have to fight your own hopes, fears, and bitter regrets. Even so, you must continue, step by step, knowing that if you fail you will lose everything.

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