All items in Fortnite history that have been retired over the 3 years

All items in Fortnite history that have been retired over the 3 years

There were tons of items in Fortnite that were retired for various reasons.

Every senior Fortnite player associates times when new items were added to the game each week. There used to be a fixture in every update. Is it a vehicle or a new item in the form of pistols, grenades, C4, rifts etc.

One of the players prepared a graphic showing how many items have been discontinued in the last 3 years. In total, there are several dozen of them.

Items retired from Fortnite

10 rows of different items show how ambitious Epic was and at what point the developers slowed down significantly. Virtually everything comes from chapter one.

Items retired from Fortnite

Some varieties of weapons can still be found in Naparzanka, others have long been withdrawn and are not available anywhere. Together with this summary, an interesting idea was created to create a special game mode only with this pool of weapons and gadgets.

It is not known, however, whether Epic will ever create a “Back to the Past”. real. Rather, there is little chance for this, because seeing the popularity of this concept, it could be put into practice several times.

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