Roblox Arsenal Receives New Sci-Fi Update – New Weapons, Skins & Maps!

Roblox Arsenal Receives New Sci-Fi Update - New Weapons, Skins & Maps!

Arsenal, one of Roblox’s most popular games , just received an update that brings a bit of sci-fi into the mix! Arsenal is an FPS style of shooting game, which puts you in a team to get through a set of predetermined weapons so quickly This style of play is very popular in various other great shooting games, but it has been focused on Arsenal ! The new update brings seven new weapons and two new maps, as well as a bunch of new skins, kill effects, melee, and weapon skins!

This is a fairly large update that brings the following new features to the game:

  • 7 new pistols – Falkor FG-9, Laser-Rifle, Kris Vector, BH-10, Focus, Pulse Musket and Pathbringer
  • 2 new maps – ROLVe Station by F’rimE & Matrix by thekentai
  • 1 new emote – Slide with the new UFGO emote!
  • 9 new skins – Cyber ​​Mercenary, Horseman, Cyber ​​Defense Unit, Wizard Robot, Casual Bot, Digital Warrior, Space Soldier, Silent Robot, and Alien in Disguise
  • 2 new workshop skins – Cyber-Punk by GESAFF and Cyber ​​Hero by Dogutsune
  • 2 new destruction effects – Hertz and Shock Orb
  • 2 new melee weapons – Endbringer & Energy Katar
  • 2 new weapon skins

There have also been some changes in some weapons, as well as changes to the UI that should improve your quality of life:

  • Space Katana has been redesigned!
  • Maxim-9 ammo buff 7/21 -> 17/41
  • Polished the Hush Puppy
  • Various changes in the quality of life user interface

The update is available now, so be sure to head over to Arsenal and give it a shot. You’ve probably eaten a lot of money already if you gamble often, so you should be able to get hold of these new cosmetics right away.

You can check out the brand new trailer for the update below!

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