Rapper Travis Scott already has a PlayStation 5 in hand

Rapper Travis Scott already has a PlayStation 5 in hand

While hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world await the release of the new PlayStation 5 on the market, there are those who already seem to show it weeks after the device’s official launch slated for November 12. It’s about Travis Scott , rapper and record producer who rose to prominence, as well as his works, for being influencer Kylie Jenner’s sidekick. The 28-year-old artist has indeed published an image on Instagram in which he presents himself in possession of the console controller and implies having received it well in advance of its arrival on the shelves.

In the post shared on Instagram, Scott is not pictured: the shot is subjective and shows the artist’s legs supporting the PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller . In front of the artist stand an impressive sound system and a large screen on which, however, no image is displayed. The description of the photo is simply: “I will play until dawn”.

It’s unclear if Scott actually got his hands on a working PlayStation 5, as the only controller that’s been known to look for months is pictured. The rapper might just have staged everything to talk about – since the console among many gamers is a real object of desire and owning it in advance are not yet numerous on the planet.

Sony may in fact have provided the device to the musician as well as other influencers – imposing some sort of schedule on everyone about what information they are allowed to post via social media over the next few weeks. This would explain why Scott, after posting the first image a few days ago, has yet to return to the subject despite requests from fans. If so, in the near future, images and testimonials from influencers and gamers are destined to take over the Net – along with those of the early critics who get their hands on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X and S Series. these days.

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