Genshin Impact Battle Pass – Rewards, are they worth it?

Genshin Impact Battle Pass - Rewards, are they worth it

Genshin Impact, the open world action RPG is a gacha game in which as you travel through the beautiful land of Teyvat you will get a bunch of different currencies. These currencies can then unlock various items, weapons, and characters using the Wish System, but everything is rated out of 5 stars with 1 star being the worst and, of course, 5 stars being the best. What makes it easier is the unlocking of the Battle Pass; however, it takes a lot of work to do it!

There is an Adventure Rank that increases as you complete quests, open chests, etc. Basically, if you do something in the game world, you will earn Adventure XP. You can unlock more mechanics in the game at certain ranks to level up and get supplies faster. Once you reach that great old Adventure Rank 20, you will unlock the Battle Pass.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass - Rewards, are they worth it

Yes, this is an odd use of a Battle Pass, because typically you use the Battle Pass from the start, to help unlock things when you start your journey. In a game like Genshin Impact, the maximum Adventure Level right now is 60, and it’s a lot of work and exploration to get there. It helps that once you hit rank 16 you can play with friends, to make it easier for you!

Unlocking the Battle Pass gives you access to more daily and weekly quests that you can complete, and completing them will earn you Battle Pass XP, which ranks the pass and rewards you for it, and in total the pass contains 30 levels. Like most games using a Battle Pass system, there are two different levels, a free level and a paid level. The free level is called Sojourner’s Battle Pass, and the premium version is called Gnostic’s Battle Pass.

When you reach Rank 20 and unlock the Battle Pass, you will automatically have the free version, but to access the premium version you need to hit the Unlock Gnostic Anthem in the lower right corner of the screen. This will take you to the appropriate store platform to purchase the premium tier for $ 9.99 per season. There’s also a $ 19.99 version that will take you 10 BP levels up, and also includes a business card style and 5 fragile resin.

At the time of this writing, you will have approximately 40 days to complete the Battle Pass. It looks like the seasons will last around 45 days in total.

Battle Pass Rewards

If you are thinking of purchasing the Battle Pass and wondering what the difference is, there is a great visual representation of what you get for each of them in the image below which was created by SyleSpawn on Reddit. . As you can see, you get a pretty big upgrade from the rewards. There are a lot of extra experience boosts and a bunch of extra Mora that you can collect.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass - Rewards, are they worth it

Not only that, you’ll also get a lot more chests to unlock, and you’ll get some of the intertwined fates that can be used to purchase limited-time banners. You may not be familiar with the Gold Weapon Chest, but it will give you weapons that are exclusive to the Battle Pass.

Is the Battle Pass worth it?

It’s hard to answer because the value is very subjective. From what I saw, people were mostly disappointed with the additional rewards. According to Demone Kim on YouTube, if you’re looking to spend the money, the blessing of the moonWelkin is the best option available to you. It’s $ 4.99 and you’ll get 300 Genesis Crystals, which can be exchanged for Primogems, and 90 Primogems per day for 30 days. This is a total of 3000 Primogems, which can allow you to get additional characters and items. He also recommends the Paid Battle Pass, due to the skill books you receive in the chests. These will allow you to conserve your resin when upgrading your character’s skills.

If you plan on playing a lot of Genshin Impact, it’s probably worth putting € 9.99 into the Battle Pass. If you are a casual player, you might want to wait, as it will only be really worth it if you can get to the end of the pass, and it does take a while.

We have plenty of other guides for this game in our Genshin Impact section!

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