Fall Guys, Apex Legends, Among Us and Left 4 Dead 2 in one game thanks to mods

Fall Guys, Apex Legends, Among Us and Left 4 Dead 2 in one game thanks to mods

On crossover issues , of course, there is nothing written. Many will think of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the story of video games in one title as it features characters from all kinds of genres, companies and more. But the truth is, while unofficial, mods manage to do some real wonders. We got to see how The Fortnite Battle Buses came to GTA Online recently , but what we’re going to talk about today is even more interesting if possible as it features four games: Apex Legends, Among Us Fall Guys, and Left 4 Dead. 2.

A crazy but beautiful crossover

You were the Twitter user Loudwidow who in said social network shared videos about these mods. And yes, there are several, because changing the appearance of various characters to transform them into Apex Legends Legends. The result here is already spectacular, but not only that, but the zombies transform into Fall Guys. Left 4 Dead 2 It’ll be less scary with these adorable characters running towards you to eat you alive, but it’s fun at best. Finally, the health packages they become little characters in Among Us. You can watch the video below:

Will we ever see a real collaboration between The Fall Guys Yes Left 4 Dead 2? That wouldn’t be unreasonable, since you already know that shortly after the Mediatonics game went on sale this nail skin receipt from Portal and another from Team Fortress 2, so who knows. We also remind you that an update is now available for Left 4 Dead 2, something very interesting and curious considering that he has been behind him for a few years now.

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