Animal Crossing 1.5 update is now available!

Animal Crossing 1.5 update is now available!

If you have been eagerly awaiting the new Animal Crossing 1.5 update , your wait is now over! The big Halloween update that brings additional pumpkins, costumes, and fall gifts is finally here. You can download the update right now by logging into your Nintendo Switch, so be sure to do it quickly so you can join the phone.

The new patch 1.5 brings a lot of fun new features to the game ! You can now grow pumpkins, buying them and planting them around your house. These can be used as ingredients in some DIY pumpkin recipes. There are also a bunch of fun things for Halloween. You will be able to purchase spooky costumes from the Able Sisters store and get body paint or colored contact lenses using your Nook Miles. There are also DIY Halloween projects for your neighbors to have available!

You can also celebrate October 31st in Animal Crossing! After 5 p.m., your neighbors will gather in the plaza, which will feature a bunch of fun Halloween decorations. You will receive a new guess named, Jack, who is the “Halloween Czar“. If you give Jack some of your candy, you will earn new festive rewards.

This update also offers the chance to revisit dreams, so you can return to islands you once loved.

The NookLink service available through the Switch Online app receives an update in early October. You will be able to perform in-game reactions with your smart device. You can use these reactions to let your visitors know what you think of the tips and treats!

Check out some of the new Halloween items in the video below, as well as the pumpkin items you can make!

The official patch notes haven’t been released yet, but you can find out what to expect with this update via the official blog.

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