Among us: 10 tips and tricks to become an impostor

Among us 10 tips and tricks to become an impostor

A crew locked in a spaceship. One or more impostors to find in order to survive. A simple concept but sufficient for Among Us to be one of the titles of the moment, especially for the PC and mobile audience . Despite the simplicity of its rules, the title developed by InnerSloth requires a lot of attention, especially when playing as an impostor. If the teammates, in fact, can count on the support and strategy of their companions, the impostor works most of the time alone or in the company of two allies at most. So here are 10 tips and tricks to take over the role of impostor.

Pretend to perform tasks

In Among Us the teammates, the teammates, have to accomplish the objectives, the tasks . They alone are capable of doing it. The golden rule of a good impostor is therefore to pretend to accomplish a task, otherwise it would be too suspect. For a correct bluff you have to Stand still in front of a task point and wait a few seconds, until the bar at the top left fills up. That way, you’ll benefit from the work of other teammates – which will be easy especially in the first part of the game -, and you’ll have a perfect alibi.

Immediately eliminate the “immune” player

As mentioned earlier, teammates are the only players who can complete tasks. Some of them are visual, in that they take up the entire screen, depriving the player of the view of the map. They also take a while to resolve. If during a game several players watch the scene, it means that the teammate in question is innocentin the eyes of others. For this reason, he must be the first to be eliminated, otherwise more and more suspicion will fall on you, especially in the later stages of the game. However, it is also not good to panic, as it can happen. that there are experienced players ready to hunt down “the immune” to catch you in the act. Try to sabotage and isolate the protected player in order to eliminate them.

Speak like a teammate

Beyond eliminations and sabotages, you should also pay attention to meetings, or Emergency Meeting . It is at these times that survivors argue over suspects after noticing a dead body or sabotage. During this phase, do not be aggressive, on the contrary, be collaborative. Even ask for advice on who to vote for and why. In short, it is better to play the role of the teammate eager to find out who the impostor throws everyone into panic. Others don’t know it’s you and shouldn’t be suspicious.


Sometimes it is better to take the initiative than to rely on the randomness of events. If you’ve killed a teammate and immediately encounter a player, ask them where they’re going or what task they just completed. Especially in the final stages of the game, this strategy can be useful, as accusations between different players will be more frequent. Even in the unfortunate event that a teammate sees you kill a teammate, be urgent during the meeting. Better to accuse first than to be (weak) defensive.

Among us 10 tips and tricks to become an impostor

Pretend to help teammates

The main goal of the impostor is to eliminate all his teammates in order to achieve victory. However, the early stages of the game can be used to build credibility around your figure, so you don’t fall prey to accusations later. Here’s how it can be helpful to save a teammate from mass expulsion by exposing yourself in their favor. For example, if Blue is accused, you can say that you saw him engaged in a task, so he cannot be the impostor. At this point, Blue will be grateful to you. In doing so, you will create a beneficial bond that will make you innocent in the eyes of certain opponents, oblivious to your double play.

Kill in a crowd

If you are in a room with other four players , you can use the situation to your advantage. In these cases – frequent at the start of the game – it is difficult to trace the real killer among so many present. A good way to end up with several teammates in a room is to sabotage the reactor. Once that’s done, follow the players who are going to fix it. If you are lucky, some of them will position themselves in the same spot to repair the fault. Now will be a good time to strike. Remember to pretend to be surprised afterwards!

Use conduits to kill multiple times

If you find a pipe in a room, you’re in luck, as it can be useful for hiding. This is a great advantage, especially if you plan to eliminate more than one teammate. Here’s what to do in this case: enter the room with the duct, wait for a teammate to come in, kill them, and wait for the “kill” button to cooldown. Perform a sabotage and jump into the well while waiting for the second victim to enter. This, in fact, once entered will be busy fixing your sabotage, and you will be able to kill him without any problem. Zero witnesses, two murders.

Among us 10 tips and tricks to become an impostor

Remember the cameras

In the Skeld and Polus map, it is possible to use cameras, in order to know the positions of the different players. It’s a useful tool for crew members, although you can use them as an impostor yourself. In fact, sometimes it’s good to pretend you’re using them so as not to arouse suspicion. When it’s you, however, on the other side of the target, remember to watch out for the red light: it means some of the teammates are watching you.

Keep in mind the number of participants

When the number of teammates reaches that of the impostors, the latter have won the game. For each game there may be an impostor, but also two or three, depending on the number of players online, which can be a maximum of ten. This is a very important aspect that you must take into account, because in the final stages the teammates do not know how many impostors are involved, so put this situation in your favor, trying to do the right sabotage, in order to ‘Avoid emergency meetings and carry out the last silent casualties, perhaps with the support of your allies.

Pretend not to play

It’s not an honorable way to win but, as they say, the point is not how. If you agree with that statement, here’s a curious technique to use: pretend to be AFK ( Away from Keybord away from keyboard). So stay still and still for a while. Others will think that you are not at the PC and will not consider you. Remember, if you often play with the same group of friends, this tip is rarely helpful. It’s up to you to figure out when to take risks.

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