Why does Rockstar have to compress with GTA 6? Rockstar’s former boss just raised $ 42 million

Why does Rockstar have to compress with GTA 6 Rockstar's former boss just raised $ 42 million

The former Rockstar boss raised $ 42 million to create the upcoming rival GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games that has not even been officially announced by the developers yet. Rockstar will have to hurry up with its production, as its unexpected competition may soon arise.

One of Rockstar’s former bosses, Leslie Benzies, left Take-Two as early as 2016 and then started his own development studio. Its goal is to create a much better competition for GTA.

Benzies is very knowledgeable about Rockstar and GTA products, so its product can be a threat

Benzies is to be called Everywhere. According to the latest report by The Telegraph, the investment has been secured by many companies for the value of 42 million dollars. One of the brands involved in the production is Netease, a Chinese company known from the Westward Journey series. The Asian brand also collaborated with Activision Blizzard on the release of Overwatch.


Interestingly, Benzies has recruited 150 developers to join its company, some of them formerly working on Grand Theft Auto.

So far, unfortunately, it is not known what the title will look like and how it will differ from GTA. Still, Benzies’ name is really appreciated and players can expect something really big.


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