When can LoL season 11 begin? Season 10 end date, preseason and more

When can LoL season 11 begin Season 10 end date, preseason and more

What do we know so far about the upcoming Season 11 and its preseason?

Season 10, which runs from January 10, 2020, is slowly coming to an end. New items, more gameplay changes, and more will be coming to the test servers soon. When exactly will season 10 end, what can we expect in preseason, and when is season 11 likely to begin?

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The current season of League of Legends, which is still 10 years old, is just about to end. It is complemented by the 2020 World Championships, which will end with grand finals on October 31. Chapter 10 will also end soon, probably in update 10.23. Patch 10.23 is to be released to the official servers on November 11, and the end of the season is to be confirmed in the client about the end of split 3, in exactly 42 days. Until then, users have a chance to earn the Gold rank to receive a Victorious skin. According to leaks, Lucian is to receive it.

When can LoL season 11 begin Season 10 end date, preseason and more

Remember, however, that this does not mean the beginning of the next season. There is still a standard preseason waiting for players of the largest MOBA game in the world, which will probably last up to two months. Meanwhile, huge changes will be tested and fixed on the official servers, focusing mainly on items.In addition, the past will also receive the update, and the developers announced a balancing of the mid lane

When can LoL season 11 begin Season 10 end date, preseason and more

The official start date for Season 11 is not yet known. Initially, however, we can expect Wednesday, January 6, 2021. This is when patch 11.1, which begins a new chapter, should hit the official servers.

The pre-season update is expected to hit the PBE in the next few days, when players will receive detailed information on the changes planned by Riot Games. Perhaps, in addition to what we know at the moment, there are also more or less interesting surprises waiting for the community.

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