What is known about new mobs that may end up in Minecraft Iceologer, Moobloom and Glow Squid

What is known about new mobs that may end up in Minecraft Iceologer, Moobloom and Glow Squid

What do the creatures that have a chance of appearing in Minecraft look like?

Minecraft developers have accustomed the community to annual voting for content that is added to the game. Last year, the favorite turned out to be a fan-hated Phantom who shows up at night and attacks players if they haven’t slept in the last few days. It is already known that another vote will take place during this year’s Minecraft Live. What do the candidates look like?

Presentation and description of new mobs

In the latest video, which appeared on the official YouTube channel, the developers announced three new creatures that players will be able to vote for on the Minecraft profile on the portal (Twitter twitter.com/minecraft) during the upcoming event.


It’s a cold-hearted illager straight from Minecraft Dungeons that inhabits snowy, icy and stone terrain. If he wins the vote, he will spawn in the highest mountains that can be found in the game world. These mountains are so high that nothing grows on them – all you can find there are ice spikes, rocks and snow. An iceologer would make the mountains even more challenging as he is not an ordinary visitor there. When you hit one of them, ice clouds will start appearing around you. Vote for him if you want to experience amazing snow fights.


This four-legged flower is a favorite of Minecraft Earth fans and is definitely not the player’s opponent. I heard rumors that Mooblooms interact with bees, but no one told me how. It sounds like others want this to be a surprise. In any case, vote for this mob if you want the flower forest biome to be even more colorful.

Glow Squid

This glowing creature also made its debut in Minecraft Earth. It shines in a similar way to Enderman’s eyes and resembles squid that already swim in Minecraft’s waters. It won’t attack players or other entities and its glow is really atmospheric. That’s probably why she prefers dark bodies of water – the effect is just not the same in a sun-drenched ocean. If you want to add more marine life to Minecraft – vote for Glow Squid!

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