Brawl Stars: Moon Festival event with new Sprout skin is now live

Brawl Stars Moon Festival event with new Sprout skin is now live

The Moon Festival is on the horizon, and to celebrate the occasion, Supercell has added a new theme to Brawl Stars. The new event brings an exclusive new skin, new lunar offerings, and interface updates to the game . Here’s everything you need to know about the Moon Festival event in Brawl Stars.

New skin

Brawl Stars new skin

The Lunar Sprout skin has been added to the game, as revealed earlier during the brawl. The new addition will cost 150 gems and can be purchased directly from the store. The skin comes with new animations, new visuals and a custom texture.

Sprout is a Support Brawler that was added to the game this year. He’s a legendary brawler who has a very low drop percentage from Brawl Boxes. He’s seen a lot played lately and is a powerful meta Brawler.

Players can also get their hands on the Sprout Pack for 359 gems, which will contain both the Sprout skin and the Lunar Sprout skin. Considering Sprout is a mythical brawler, the deal is, in general, worth the gems.

Game update

To match the lunar aesthetic, a moon-themed loading screen as well as new in-game loading screens have been added. The new loading screen features the latest Lunar Sprout skin with what looks like Colette in the background. The game background has also been changed to a new moon background.

A special lunar-themed soundtrack was also released as part of the celebration.

Exclusive offer

A new special ‘Festival of the Moon Pack’ is now available in the store. It’s a deal of € 1.99 and worth 5x as mentioned in the game. The ‘Moon Festival Pack’ contains the following:

  • 30 gems
  • 360 pieces
  • 1 mega box

However, the offer will only run for two days and end on October 1.

The new skin and Sprout are available as part of the Lunar Offer for a week. The next Brawl Talk is also on the horizon, and we should have more details on that very soon. We can also look forward to a Halloween themed event in the future with some new Halloween skins in the game.

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