Titanfall 2 protagonist Jack Cooper could be coming to Apex Legends

Titanfall 2 protagonist Jack Cooper could be coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends Yes Titanfall 2 they share a lot. We’re not just talking about the study (Respawn Entertainment developed both titles), but because they share same universe, many weapons, various factions and even some characters. And yes, we warn that from here there are so many spoilers of Titanfall 2 from the lore of Apex Legends. And it is that, as many of you know, Blisk, villainous Titanfall 2, is the main responsible for Apex Games, and is the one who offers the invitations for said games . So at the end of the Titanfall 2 campaign ,Blisk gave him an invitation to Jack Cooper, protagonist of said shooter.

Jack Cooper in Apex Legends?

Since Apex Legends hit the market in early 2019, many have wondered where Jack Cooper is. Although it seems a matter of time before you see it, it is asked, but the writers of the Battle Royale are already joking about it. During an exchange of messages between the Staycation youtubers and the title’s main writer Manny Hagopian, the former “joked” by saying Titanfall 2’s “main character” was on his way to Apex Legends.

Jack Cooper in Apex Legends

“Crazy you still think you don’t have them… Conspiracy Twist!” » The screenwriter comments in a very suggestive way. Then he mentions that “Matthew Mercer and Zehra Fazal have never been in the same room at the same time. Plot twist! “ These are the bending Jack Cooper and AI commentator Apex Legends, respectively. The latter, replied to the tweeter, although there are not many clues there. Another interesting thing comes when Tom Casiello, also a screenwriter for Battle Royale, responded with another suspicious message where only the eye emoticon appeared looking to the side.

That, logically, does not mean that there is nothing confirmed on the way since Respawn Entertainment is known for his constant jokes between developers and with fans of his games on social media and forums. In any case, we will have to be vigilant and continue to wait and see what they announce next. We will keep you informed.

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